Flat Drainage

COD. 127
PM. 229-1

This product has been designed for clearing bloody, serous or purulent fluid or air collections from body compartments as a result of post-surgical waste (abdominal, pelvic, retroperitoneal, cardiovascular, chest and plastic surgery).

Download attached file: Cod.127_Drenaje-plano_Rev.09_web.pdf
  • 100% clear silicone.
  • Flat tube with radiopaque line.
  • Multi-perforated flat section.
  • Grooved interior. Improves fluid drainage at any point along the flat segment.
  • Long-term indwelling
  • Greater absorption capacity.
  • Improved patient comfort.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Improves fluid drainage at any point along the inserted segment.


Code Description
127-05 5.00 mm flat drainage
127-07 7.00 mm flat drainage
127-10 10.00 mm flat drainage
127-13 13.00 mm flat drainage

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