COD. 233-S
PM. 233-55

This product has been designed to administer a mixture of air/oxygen with positive pressure in spontaneously breathing infant and paediatric patients.

Download attached file: Cod.233-S_Sistema-CPAP-Snorkel_Rev.01_web.pdf
Download attached file: Code-233-S_CPAP-system-Snorkel_rev.01_web.pdf
  • 100% silicone cannula adaptable to nostrils
  • 100% silicone cannula fixator Improves fixation and reduces risk of pressure injury.
  • Corrugated tube. Allows for mobility without risk of kinking.
  • Allows to keep ventilator set up in case there is an emergency.
  • Even heat distribution that prevents heat loss and condensation build-up.
  • Compatible with single-branch ventilators, making it ideal for patient transportation.
  • Ensures optimum humidity level.
  • Hydrocolloid tape minimizes risk of septal pressure injury.
  • Kit: silicone cannula, 15 mm connector, double 90º connector, pressure monitoring line, cannula fixator, Velcro hydrocolloid tape and fixation ribbon tape.


Code Size (FR) Ø cannula (mm) Distance between cannulas (mm) Cannula length (mm) Recommendation based on patient weight
233-S0 8.0 2.70 2.70 9.00 Less than 1000 g.
233-S1 10.0 3.30 2.70 9.00 1000 to 1500 g.
233-S2 12.0 4.00 4.00 10.00 1500 to 2000 g.
233-S3 15.0 5.00 4.50 12.50 2000 to 3000 g.

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